Alexa In The classroom

Use Alexa and the Qball to bring classroom engagement to the next level.

Set Up Alexa with the Qball

What You’ll Need:

  • Your Qball System plugged into your speaker(s)
  • An Echo Dot
  • A second, cheap powered speaker (with an aux input)
  • Three Auxiliary (aux) cables
  • An Aux splitter

The Set Up:

  1. Unplug the aux cable currently running from your speakers to the “Out” on your PEEQ Receiver.
  2. Plug the Aux Splitter into the “Out” on the PEEQ Receiver.
  3. Now, plug the aux cable that currently runs from your speakers into the Aux Splitter (it doesn’t matter which side).
  4. Plug one end of a second aux cable into the Aux Splitter, and the other end of the aux cable into the aux input on your cheap powered speaker aux input (“headphone jack”).
  5. Plug one end of a third aux cable into the audio out on your Echo Dot, and the other end into the “In” on the PEEQ Receiver.
  6. Last, put your Echo Dot and cheap powered speaker in an enclosed area (ex. drawer, box).

Download Instructions


Use Alexa Skill Blueprint and Alexa Routines

Create fun Q&A sessions, trivia games, and more with Alexa. Set up schedules so Alexa manages your time for you.