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Twitter, Mrs. Cianci, Using the Qball microphone @goPEEQ to answer questions in Mrs. Cianci's 4th grade class - helps increase student engagement!.png

Ellen Starkey

"What an amazing product! It is the perfect way for me to introduce younger students to the proper use of a microphone while allowing them to have a blast. They learn respect for the "product" but from my side, I do not have to constantly worry about someone dropping the mic. Also, because it was purchased for my classroom with music funds, it stays in my room and I do not have to set up a sound system, purchase a sound 'system" or borrow from the auditorium. It is a completely fantastic product. Love, love, love it! I would recommend this to anyone, anywhere that needs a mic that is not easily broken, but also for companies that would like to keep their employees awake during meetings. It is so much fun."

Ellen Starkey's Story

Problem: I wanted to train young students in the proper way to use a mic but also, when they hear themselves on a mic for the first time for a concert, many of them clam up. This is allowing them to get used to what their voices sound like mixed with music or just the own voices. They love it. It also builds their confidence in a very comfortable environment before they step out of the classroom.

Qball Impact: It is very simple to use, easy to get started and generally exactly what it is supposed to be. My student's confidence has grown using it in class and our concerts are not as awkward when it comes to using a mic. It is also just tons of fun.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: I could not really use anything else before the Qball UNTIL concert time. I did not have mics in my classroom that we could use on a regular basis.

Why Qball: I considered tons of other products; nothing is like the Qball. It fills a wonderful link in the electronic world.

Twitter, Brandi Miller, had a blast using @goPEEQ to amplify their voice!! Such an awesome tool for the classroom! 5.png

Julie Durgin

"The Qball is a game changer in my classroom. We went from the same 3 people raising their hands to answer questions and participate in discussions, to almost ALL kiddos wanting to be a part of the conversation. The focus on whole-group lessons has increased, and kids who never speak up are getting into the game! I am so glad I found this product! It has energized my students as well as me!"

Julie Durgin's Story

Problem: The same few kids were participating in discussions with the majority of the class seeming disinterested in what was happening.

Qball Impact: Literally every kid is engaged in the conversation, and almost ALL of them want to use the ball to share their answers or comments.

Why Qball: Because I knew this was a product that kids would LOVE to use. I mean, being able to toss a ball around the room and have your voice amplified?? It's a no brainer!

The Buying Process: Very easy! I used PledgeCents and was able to raise the funds quickly and easily! The majority of donations came from my classroom parents.

Qball in the  classroom

Terese Prendiville

"Our class is absolutely loving the Qball! Some children, when told that we will be sharing our work, tell me they don't want to share and I tell them that it's okay. Then I bring out the Qball and they suddenly want to share. It's magical!"

Terese Prendiville's Story

Problem: Many of my students are either ELL learners, have an IEP or both. They have lost confidence and are very reluctant to share their work. We know that the opportunity to share is also an opportunity to practice language, get peer feedback and to build self-confidence.

Qball Impact: Since receiving it, the children in my class are sharing everything!!! The shyest of them have now become the first to want to share. Throwing the ball around the room just adds another element to make it fun.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: A microphone on a stand

Why Qball: I saw the Qball on Facebook and immediately knew that I wanted it for my students.

Buying Process: I went to Donors Choose, created my project and was fully funded in a very short time.


Madison Presenza

"When I saw the ad video for the Qball, I instantly knew it would change my classroom. I was gifted my Qball as a back to school present last year in August of 2017. I instantly plugged in and showed my staff. The first day of school I was able to ask questions and use the Qball with students. They absolutely love the process, and I constantly see more hands when using it during discussion."

Madison Presenza's Story

Problem: The "deer in the headlights" example from the contest video puts our issue into words. Before the Qball, and on days when I don't have it ready to use, I have the same hands going up during each class. Students depend on the few avid talkers to carry the conversation along, and I end up having to ask others to talk.

Qball Impact: I love seeing students who otherwise would not be brave enough to answer take a chance at talking in front of their peers. I also love the engagement the Qball brings by giving students a stronger and louder voice during class.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None, just called on students

Why Qball: I love the design, ease, and user friendly set up that the Qball offers. I knew that students would love the process as well.

Business qball.jpg

Stephania Sherman

"I was able to visit and learn about Qball at FETC, my coworker purchased one immediately. We lead a professional development the next week and engagement increased immensely! Additionally, it is a great way to ensure every voice is heard!"

Stephania Sherman's Story

Problem: I often lead professional development in whatever open space is available for teachers. We all know a loud cafeteria is not the best place for professional development but with the QBall all answers and suggestions can be heard! This would provide opportunities for involvement and engagement in professional development to increase!

Qball Impact: We love the way QBall is interactive, teachers all across our school want one!

Why Qball: We have used microphones but then someone has to walk to each person, with QBall you can throw it across the room! perfect for large crowds!

The Buying Process: Great!

fran qball.jpg

Francesca Ragonese

"The students stay engaged in the entire lesson and try to contribute to the class discussion."

Francesca Ragonese's Story

Problem: Having quiet or hesitant students participate more in classroom activities.

Qball Impact: Students are listening to each other more than ever fostering great communication and interpersonal skills.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None

Why Qball: So kid-friendly and fun

Buying Process: Great! They even replaced a piece that wasn't working.


Marsha Polson

"We have used the Qball as an incentive for school health."

Marsha Polson's Story

Problem: We are always looking for ways to include exercise/movement in our classrooms.

Qball Impact: So far it has been fun seeing my staff get excited about using the Qball.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None, this has been a first.

Why Qball: I think it is a great solution to getting all of the kids involved in classroom material.


Janeen Fait-Herkert

"This is amazing technology! Our classroom is 1:1 with Ipads and the Qball adds to the fun of participation. The age of my students really tests the capabilities of the Qball and it comes through with flying colors! It performs way beyond my expectations. There are some exceptional troubleshooting and proactive problem-solving features in regards to actual use in the classroom. There are no "thumping" noises when thrown, or when it hits the ground. The Qball is well built like the engineers gave it to young children to discover all the ways they could break it...then they made it so it cannot be broken. Kudos to a great product! Well worth the cost-this will last!"

Janeen Fait-Herkert's Story

Problem: Our classroom does not have air-conditioning, so fans are running a lot of the time. Fans make background noise that makes it difficult for students to hear and pay attention to lessons. We also have students with hearing disabilities and those who struggle to stay on task. Using a regular microphone that had to be handed to students took a lot of "walking" around time. It's not like we could just throw the microphone around the room - not only would it break, but it...would...be...so...loud!!!

Qball Impact: Since using the Qball, many more of my students volunteer to read aloud! Students that would usually watch others respond to questions are eagerly responding! We have visitors to the room who want to use the Qball!!

Why Qball: Qball is a fun way to "throw the microphone"! I did research and Qball had the best quality and features that actually would be beneficial to a primary classroom. Sturdy, easy to clean, quiet during transition, quality sound, FUN!

The Buying Process: Purchasing the Qball was seamless. Shipped quickly and packaged thoroughly.


Kimberly Keatley

"Saw Qball on an advertisement, and did not think twice about spending my own money to purchases for my middle school science classroom. I have a room with two fans that are constant, until 15 minutes after school ends. This background noise made it very difficult to hear students in the classroom along with the fact that students are very soft spoken. Has made a HUGE difference in attention level, no more excuses of I did not hear. Students love to toss the ball around and some actively seek to answer so they can do the tossing and catching. Finally, on a personal note, I have extreme voice fatigue. I use the ball constantly during instruction so I do not have to raise my voice and everyone in the room can hear me!"

Kimberly Keatley's Story

Problem: Voice fatigue. Students talking softly. Background noise of fans in the classroom making it very difficult to hear even loud spoken students.

Qball Impact: My voice fatigue is gone. Students are interested in using the device and if not in use, ask where it is. Even the most soft-spoken students can be heard. Amazing product, wish I had it 10 years ago.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None

Why Qball: I also own an Aver microphone. I use that on occasion (especially when we have chromebooks out and in use), but students prefer the active nature of the Qball.

Buying Process: Ordered on-line through the corporate website. Very simple and easy. Item arrived on time and well packaged.


Dennise Colston

"I ordered the QBall for my first grade classroom to encourage my students to participate in class. They love being able to throw it as well as talk into it! They are volunteering more and can hear their classmates better when answering questions. They know they have to pay attention so that they can catch and use the ball when it is their turn!"

Dennise Colston's Story

Problem: I was having a hard time hearing the answers that the students gave. I knew if I couldn’t hear them, the other students were missing their answers as well. Students were also off task when they were on the carpet during instruction time.

Qball Impact: My students can hear each other when they are giving answers and are much more willing to participate in class discussions when they can use the QBall.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None

Why Qball: I saw this product on Facebook and knew it would be great to use in my classroom!


Melba Manning

"Using the qball with fifth and sixth graders helps the students be more involved in the conversation."

Melba Manning's Story

Problem: Students weren't engaged and weren't asking questions when the librarian and her students were Skyping with an author.

Qball Impact: Students anticipate having the Qball tossed to them. Skype conversations are now much more interactive.

Why Qball: The Qball is wireless and flexible and easy to pass from one student to the next.

The Buying Process: My librarian used her activity account to purchase a Qball. My district had to find an approved vendor to purchase the Qball, which was Troxell.


Scott Roberts

"My students love it when I pull out the Qball. Last year, I had a wireless microphone I could pass around to students, but students hated it. This year, I have the Qball. They like hearing their voice amplified and are not scared by its appearance. This means greater student participation and more meaningful discussions."

Scott Robert's Story

Problem: My classroom is very long, so audio is a problem. I wear a headset microphone so students can hear me, but what about students hearing each other?

Qball Impact: Students are excited to be able to use the Qball. I'm noticing participation is about double the normal rate when I ask questions.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None

Why Qball: Qball only has one competitor, and Qball is about 1/3 the cost of the competitor. Easy decision for me!

Buying Process: I used PledgeCents to get my Qball funded. Within 24 hours of emailing parents, I had enough donations to get the Qball I asked for, and an additional ball and transmitter. PEEQ shipped my order promptly.


Kasey Bird

"The QBall is a quality product that is fun to use in the classrom. My students LOVE it and are always highly engaged in discussions when we use the QBall."

Kasey Bird's Story

Problem: Looking for more student engagement. Students with hearing loss/problem unable to hear teacher and other students.

Qball Impact: -highly engaged students -quality discussions -helps quiet students find their voice -allows students to hear their peers ideas and points of view -teaches students to track the speaker. As the ball is passed or thrown, students shift their attention to the new speaker.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None

Why Qball: Great reviews from other educators.


Carrie Boyce

"As soon as that Qball gets plugged in EVERYONE sits up a little bit straighter and they are ready. They start giggling and can’t wait for their turn. Once they catch the Qball, they speak loud and proud and everyone can hear them. It is a game changer, especially with your quietest, shyest students."

Carrie Boyce's Story

Problem: I missed having a microphone. I love sports and when I saw the Qball, I knew it would make a tremendous difference in a positive, fun way. I want my students to hear one another and be respectful while listening. This ball does all of that.

Qball Impact: My students all have their hands up to share now. They are speaking up and being better listeners. They want to be called onand tossing the ball adds an element of craziness which all kids love.

Why Qball: I chose it because it was something new and fun. Technology changes so quickly that I wanted to do something exciting for my class.

The Buying Process: It was simple because I did a Donor’s Choose project to fund it.


Scott Roberts

"I was asked to use the QBall for our district Technology Showcase. It was so easy to set up and use. I initially used the QBall as a technique to combate blurting out. You cannot speak unless you have the ball. Once implemented, I noticed an increase in discussion participation even from my timid students and it definitely helped with my class problem of talking out of turn."

Cara Granger's Story

Problem: Students were talking out of turn and interrupting others during our class discussions.

Qball Impact: I noticed an increase in student participation, even from the timid students.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: Talking sticks

Why Qball: The QBall was introduced to me by one of our district technology trainers.

Buying Process: I do not currently have a QBall in my classroom. The QBall I used was a loaner from our technology department.


Veronica Aparicio

"My student lived the Qball since the first day. Mostly, they fed from my excitement prior to its arrival! Everyone is engaged, wanting to participate in discussions. They all remind me that we can now use the Qball or ask if we can use the ball. A student also mentioned that class discussions was "100% funner!" I love having my Qball and would love to share this great tool with other teachers in my building."

Veronica Aparicio's Story

Problem: I had a few shy students in my class that were quiet with their responses. When other students pointed out that they were too quiet, they would shut down and avoid discussions.

Qball Impact: I love that my students are excited to share comments, responses and ideas. All my students increased their participation which means so much to me.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: None

Why Qball:First the first time I saw a Qball on facebook, I knew I had to have one. I know students would love it and it would increase student engagement!


Tia Thompson

"Before using the Qball I was always seeing the same two or three students participate in classroom discussion. It was extremely difficult to coax my quiet and shy students to put themselves out there and answer a question. After receiving the Qball I noticed a drastic change in participation. Students are excited about sharing ideas and want to make comments and answer questions using the Qball. This product has really brought our discussions and classroom to life!"

Tia Thompson's Story

Problem: I teach in a school where the majority of students are English Language Learners. Because of this, many times they are reluctant to share, comment, discuss, or answer questions because they may not be as proficient English speakers as others in the class. I wanted to bring in a fun and engaging way to encourage everyone to participate in classroom discussions! The Qball has really helped everyone in the classroom have a voice!

Qball Impact: I have seen a tremendous impact on the class due to the Qball. Students are excited to read aloud, answer questions, and participate in discussion because they want a chance to use the Qball. Even my most reluctant students are participating! The Qball has helped so many students find their voice in the classroom!

Why Qball: I chose the Qball because it is a fun and interactive way for students to participate in discussion and with one another by tossing the ball.

The Buying Process:My experience was great! I purchased the ball and it was sent within two weeks.


Leah Mcelveen

"I love using the Qball. I’m my own classroom my students loved it. I was able to keep students engaged and on task. Using it as a sub has been a great tool in getting work completed that otherwise may have been incomplete. Students are focused because they want an opportunity to use the ball."

Leah Mcelveen's Story

Problem: Needed something engaging.

Qball Impact: Less time spent getting my class on task. I am unable to unload class photos. Policy.

What Tools Did You Use Before the Qball: Red cat

Why Qball: I saw it on shark tank.

Buying Process: No problems


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Allie Schultze

Consulting Teacher-Education Technology

My background is in deaf education, so I am a huge proponent of amplifying sound in the classroom. Amplified sound is beneficial for ALL students. I enjoy the QBall because it is an engaging way to involve students in class discussions while at the same time providing better sound quality to all voices. I love that while the ball is in motion, the microphone mutes itself so no one has to worry about feedback or muffled sound.


Lindsay Decker

ELA Teacher

I wanted to share about my experience with the Qball. I borrowed it from our music teacher and I have never seen such engagement in my class. Students were engaged, enthusiastic and excited about reading. Students who have trouble reading well and never volunteer for read-alouds were vying for the chance to read. The movement part of tossing the ball around meant that students stayed focused, engaged and participatory throughout the lesson. Also, as a parent of a child with hearing loss who struggles with the acoustics of his classroom, I wish every classroom had one of these. This is an asset to any classroom!


Bobbi Grisham

ALT Special Ed Teacher

Before we had the Qball, only a few students were actively involved in the lesson. Now, everyone is engaged! Students that mumbled before speak clearly because they can hear how they sound. They were so excited and all wanted a turn.  Even after they started working independently on a worksheet, the students tried harder and did a better job. I am glad I took a chance on the Qball!

Kristi Terrell

4th Grade Teacher

When the Qball arrived I used it as an incentive. The students were intrigued and had excellent behavior so that we could earn using QBall. When I brought QBall out and demonstrated, the class erupted with excitement. We simply passed it around and shared something we remembered about our day in class. Since then, we have incorporated QBall into our daily morning circle. We share thoughts, feelings, birthday wishes, and so much more. The students love that they are speaking into a microphone and it allows my quiet as a mouse students to be heard. I have 100% engagement. We love our QBall!!! I also love that I just plug it in to charge, no batteries to deal with!


Breanne Akers


I love the Qball. My students love it and have become so engaged! It's something new and exciting and something they have never seen before! I have a very talkative class and while I'm using the Qball, I hardly have to redirect!

head shot kim

Kim Bruguier

Elementary Music Specialist

In my music classroom I was looking for a way to encourage students to get over shyness at speaking or singing in front of the class. Qball allows students the opportunity to sing from the receipt and have me be able to hear them. Also the students are excited to throw/roll it and everybody wants a turn so no fear of students not wanting to participate.

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